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Fingal Triathlon Club was set up in 2009 by a group of highly 
motivated Fingallians who wanted to get fit, have some 
variety in their training and meet like-minded people.


Triathlon is not exclusive to the super athletic or fit; it is a great, fun way to meet new people while getting fit and challenging yourself to something different. Triathlon takes in three disciplines in the following order swim, bike and run. We have almost 100 members ranging in age from 20 – 50+ and they are regularly out swimming, cycling or running in the locality.  We train in the National Aquatic Centre, ALSAA track and cycle the roads and hills of north Dublin.

It’s not all about winning races, for many of us the challenge is about being the best that you can be no matter what age you are. Recently we have set up a Fingal Tri Juniors Club to cater for the many children of our members who want to become a triathlete because of the fine example set by their Mum, Dad, Aunt, Uncle, Sister or Brother. Click HERE to see our junior section 

You'll see us in our club colours green, white and black cycling or running around the roads of North Dublin.Triathlon is a fantastic way to keep fit and healthy.  Our club caters for all levels from absolute beginners to those who have completed Ironman events.   There is a wealth of experience in our club and an eagerness to share it among those who are new to the sport.  


Memership to the club is €75 (€25 is returned once marshalling duties for the club race are completed). 

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