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Fingal Tri Club Committee for 2019

Chairperson - Olga Meade



I started with the club in may 2014 just in time to doggy paddle my way through my first sprint triathlon. After some reassuring group sea swims I went on to do more sprint and standard distance races, and now the swim section is my favorite part! It has been a fantastic number of years and I've met some amazingly encouraging people along the way. For me, training with the club has become more of a social event than a mundane torturous task, I’d highly recommend giving it a go, you’ve nothing to lose (but a lot to gain).



Secretary - Claire Donovan



Treasurer - Mick Purtill



I was introduced to triathlon in 2011 and joined the club late that year and haven't looked back. As I'm not built for speed I have a preference for the longer races but try to attempt the shoter ones too, running just isn't my forte!!.  Being part of the club has been brilliant, great people to train with and for encouragement as well as for having fun along the way.



PRO - Adrian Kelly



I decided in January 2016 that I wanted to do a triathlon. I procrastinated for twelve months and the following January I realised that if I joined a triathlon club, I might actually do a triathlon! I made the leap of faith and started training with Fingal Triathlon Club in January 2017. It's one of the best things I have ever done. There are so many friendly, helpful people in the club that I went from being a clueless newbie to graduallly knowing what lock laces are for, how to draft in a sea swim and why elastic bands would be used on a bicycle!


Come and join the club - not only will you get fitter and lose weight, you will receive great training and gain a new bunch of friends!

Training Co-Ordinator - Barbara Tobin






Junior Training Co-ordinator / Child Protection Officer / Junior Race Director -  Mary Crosbie


 I started doing triathlons in 2006 and became a member of the newly formed Fingal Triathlon Club in 2009 following a meeting with a few like minded individuals. I would consider myself very much an average athlete who enjoys the regular training as much as getting out for a few races over the summer months. It's a fantastic club with great people. I tend to do the national series every year but hoping to go a little longer one of these days! 



Senior Race Director - Carl Birney


After watching many triathlons through the years in Skerries, I took the plunge and did my 1st triathlon (sprint) in Skerries in 2011. It was an arduous task with me never having swam in a wetsuit, but I finished it and the sense of achievement was immense. I joined Fingal Tri club in 2013; a great club with super camaraderie between team mates. I’ve entered the National Series since 2013 and did my first middle distance race in Dublin 2017. I would encourage anyone inquisitive to our sport to come try it with us, if you like it then join us. It can be as competitive or friendly as you personally want it to be. There is no pressure. Join us on a try out session and you will love it!




You can contact the Fingal Triathlon Club Committee via email at committee@fingaltri.ie

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