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Form 11 - Parental Consent


This is an information form that is required for the parents/guardian to complete and give to the Fingal coach or TI personnel for children / junior athlete participating in activities of the organisation in line with the Triathlon Ireland Safeguarding Code for Young People and Manual of Guidance. It is not the Junior Membership Form.


Form 11a - Absent Parent


Where a parent or guardian is unavailable to attend an event with a junior member, they can appoint a substitute and give full permission for the person to attend with their child in the parent’s absence. This must have original signature and be sent to the appropriate coach at Fingal/TI. For further information, please visit Triathlon Ireland safeguarding page


Form 14 - Travel permission


Required if a junior has to travel with the club but unaccompanied by a parent/guardian


Accident Report Form


Forms from TI website:




Form 8: this is New Leader information and Code of Conduct (for coaches and leaders who are 6 months or less in the club)




Form 10: this is existing coach or leasder information and Code of Conduct (for coaches and leaders who are 6 months or more in the club)






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